• Introduction to Python
  • Starting with Python and using the interactive Python shell
  • Editing and starting Python scripts
  • Variables, basic data types and assignments.
  • Operators and expressions.
  • Conditional Statements and Loops
  • Data Types, Lists and stacks
  • Functions and recursive functions
  • File Handling
  • An introduction to using module



  • Regular Expressions, Standard Modules
  • Writing and designing modules
  • Packing modules into Packages
  • Lambda, map, filter and Reduce
  • List comprehension
  • Testing (Doctest, Unittest)
  • Object Oriented Programming with Python with practical examples and exercises


The focus of the course lies on the following topics:

  • Extending Python with C
  • Python GUI's with Tkinter
  • Forks and Forking in Python
  • Threads
  • System Administration with Python