Web Development

Web Development


Design Your HomePage and About Me page.In this course we Introduce how to built website, conceptes of web browser. It covers the following topics- HTML Tags, Elements,attributes, List, Hyperlink,HTML Images,Tables,Blocks,IFrames. HTML classes,id,HTML Forms and their elements and HTML 5 intorduction.


This course covers the JavaScript language, as well as the way fundamental programming concepts are applied in that language, starting from the basics. Topics covered include syntax, data types, data structures, functions, modularity, and regular expressions, document object model, web forms, event handling, the browser's security model, communicating with a server, and graphics programming in the browser


CSS Introduction, synatx, applying css,different ways to insert css files,changing colors,manipulate size and shape of text,CSS box model, spacing things out using margin,padding property,borders,setting height and width of the element,add an Icon to HTML page,CSS position,display,overflow.